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​Work Place Theft According to Statistics Brain based on a September 2012 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners report, 33 percent of all business bankruptcies can be attributed to employee theft. This report also shows that 37.5 percent of employees have stolen more than once from their employer. The report states that criminal employee behavior can last on average for two years. Is your inventory shrinking? The reason is employee theft 42.7 percent of the time. The best way for a business to stay on top of counterproductive employee behavior such as theft is a strong offense. 

One of the key factors in preventing employee fraud and theft is to partner with a professional private investigator. As a private detective in Los Angeles, we provide the necessary surveillance and investigations to prevent or expose employee fraud. Starting with the hiring process by inquiry into the background of the potential hire or by documenting fraud and theft with workplace undercover surveillance.

Process Service
Process service, while a necessary part of the legal system, can be time consuming and even difficult. Add into that mix high profile celebrities and process serving can get extremely slippery. Process servers must not only comply with the law, but be creative to get the job done. As a private detective in Orange County we’ll provide services to handle the necessary legal documents. Need help? Give us a call. Thibodeau and Associates Investigations, Inc., guarantee professional, on-time, and discrete process service. 

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